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Human development-oriented

Hop Nhat Vietnam Group always considered manpower as the foundation of sustainable development, through more than 10 years of development, HNC has developed a team of professional staff, the most experienced on courier in Vietnam thanks to the effortsstop and learning, experience transfer from the partners of the world's leading express delivery group as OCS (Japan), CityLink (Malaysia), ect.

Currently, Hop Nhat Vietnam Group has more than 1,200 employees, including more than 150 specialized work with abroad HUB like Singapore, Hong Kong, Narita (Tokyo, Japan), Taipei (Taiwan) ... Recognizing the importance of high-quality human resources determines the quality of the Company's services, staff are always interested in focusing, investment in knowledge training and depth basic business skills training. The main aspects include:


Building workflow on Key Performance Index (KPI): to each employee for the purpose of assessment of capacity and labor productivity aimed at improving performance and efficiency in work.

Focus on training: Hop Nhat Vietnam Group develops policies and organizes regularly the training courses on corporate culture and professional training and skills in order to increase cohesion between employees and the company and improve labor efficiency.

Brain storming: Senior staff ofen have ideal meetings, in the sense of “brain attack”, to stimulate takes initiatives, improvements to the development.

Team-work builiding: Hop Nhat Vietnam Group always understands that the collective will make a success of the HNC. So, we focus on building working groups in which employees feel comfortable and confident to work together, cooperate and support each other to do a good job of each person, stimulus creativity, innovation to achieve result, the common objectives of the group.

Working Environment: Hop Nhat Vietnam Group always create a working environment which encourages initiative, promote teamwork, stimulating creativity and harmony of interests: between HNC with customer, HNC with employees, HNC with shareholders, employees with HNC.

System Optimizing: Hop Nhat Vietnam Group bravely and resolutely selection officers and employees, including key positions with low labor productivity, not suitable for development. Besides, HNC often recruit the suitable people, have the experience to make long-term, common strategic on using of talent, focus on "headhunters" in order to attract more talent. This helps to Hop Nhat Vietnam Groupn maintains the fresh, dynamic, creative machinery and highly effective.