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Working environment

HNC emphasis on building healthy working environment with personal respect, promote teamwork and creativity, to help you succeed in your career and make a difference in life.

 HNC culture

   In HNC, success is expressed through the sustainable development of the organization, a dynamic working environment for employees, transparency and attractive profit for shareholders, and positive contribution to the community.

Evaluate staff by work efficiency.

Respect for individual, teamwork, and promote creativity.

Considering the development is a continuous process, harmony of interests for everyone

Human development orientation

   HNC always considered human as the foundation of sustainable development, through more than 10 years of development, HNC has built thebest team of professional, experienced in express market in Vietnam thanks to continuing efforts and chance to learn from experience of partnerswhich are global leading courier such as OCS (Japan), CityLink (Malaysia), ... Now HNC has over 1,200 employees, including more than 150 people working in full-time in abroadHUB like Singapore, Hong Kong, Narita (Tokyo - Japan), Taipei (Taiwan) ... Recognizing the importance of high-quality human resources with service quality, managers of the company always pay attention to the staffs, provide training for knowledge and professional skills. The main orientations include:

    Develop workflow and manage by KPIs (Key Performance Index) to each employee to assess  capacity and labor productivity, aimed at improving working efficiency.

Focus Training (Training): HNC build policies and regularly organizes training courses on company culture and professional training on skills in order to increase cohesion between workers and the company, enhance labor efficiency.

 Brain storming: Senior staffs often have meeting about new ideas, as "brain attack", to stimulate new ideas, improvements for development.

Building team (team work): HNC always understand that the collective force will make the success of HNC. So HNC try to buildworking groups in which employees feel comfortable and confident to work together, cooperate and assist each other to achieve good results,stimulus creativity and innovation in order to reach the goal of whole group.

 Working Environment: HNC always create working environments encouraging high activeness, promote teamwork, stimulate creativity and harmonize interests: between customer and HNC, HNC and staff, HNC and shareholders.

 Optimizing System: HNC boldly and resolutely screening staffs, including key positions with low labor productivity, unsuitable for developing orientation . Besides, HNC frequently recruit the right people with experience to implement the short and long term strategy in using talent, focus on "headhunters" to attract top talent. This helps HNC tomaintains a fresh, dynamic, innovative, high efficiency working environment.